Skin Changer Online frequently asked questions

Every day our Support managers answer a lot of questions on various topics. Some of these requests have much common. So we have decided to take the most popular of these questions together. You will find them together with the answers in this section. Here is the list of main topics that customers upraise in their requests:

  • purpose of SkinChanger use and principles of service;
  • safety of software use in case of game anti-cheat programs;
  • prices for exclusive items and information about free skins;
  • screen visibility of changings to other players.

Below you will find the most popular questions from Skin Changer users and see the answers to them. If the information you need is not here, we recommend that you contact our support team for help. Experts will answer your questions and help you understand how to use Skin Changer.

SkinChanger was designed to get exclusive in-game items without the donations that players have to make on official marketplaces. Only in some cases you have to pay for skins. However, even in these situations, the cost of items is much lower. The main purpose of the program creation is to help customers get skins which are not available to them because of lack of money.

After activating the service, it is synchronized with the files of the root directory. The program finds the necessary skins and selects the keys (decoders) that unlock the items encrypted by the developers. However, such actions do not constitute a violation.

No. All actions performed by the program are automated. All that is required from the user is to activate the search and follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen.

No. Game anti-cheats do not recognize the use of software as a violation. The same goes for the visibility of changes. Other players, as well as the user himself, will see the usual standard game items on the screen. Security in relation to the device on which the gamer uses Skin Changer is ensured by mandatory tests for the presence of malicious software. Protection of payment transactions when buying paid skins is implemented through registration on the project. In addition, a registered account allows you to ensure confidentiality and protect personal information.